, Brian Macfarland Was Less Than Truthful in His ‘Crafted Statement’ About LifeVantage

Well, in Brian’s ‘crafted statement’ he made the case that there was no wrongdoing that was found about him by the court.  He neglected to post the statements of the judge who ruled on the case.  Let’s have a look at what the judge said:

“…Our statement of facts accepts as true the evidence favorable to Lifevantage.”

“…the declarations Lifevantage submitted adequately demonstrated that Macfarland published defamatory statements of fact about Lifevantage, and that Lifevantage suffered damages as a result of Macfarlane’s statements.”

“Thus, Lifevantage presented evidence that it does not encourage illegal or false claims by it’s distributors and in fact actually prohibits them.”

“In light of Dr. McCord’s declaration, a reasonable trier of fact might conclude Macfarlane’s statements were not substantially true and were defamatory.”

Did you here that Brian, your statements were “not substantially true”.  That’s lawyer talk for “you lied”.

So in the end, Lazyman is, in my view,  just as we suspected, a liar.  At least that’s what the judge said.  You decide for yourself.


Lazyman’s ‘Crafted Statement’ about Lifevantage….aka ‘Sour Grapes’


Well, here is Lazymoron’s ‘crafted response’ regarding the Lifevantage lawsuit.  Read it and I’ll fill you in on the facts.

LifeVantage/Protandim Statement  Written by Lazy Man
You may be wondering why I have removed certain statements concerning LifeVantage from this website. As you may know, LifeVantage sued me to force me to remove certain statements from my website. I defended against the lawsuit by filing what is known as an anti-SLAPP motion, which, if it had been successful, would have caused the case to be dismissed at the outset. However, the California Superior Court for San Mateo County ruled against my motion. I appealed, but the First District Court of Appeal recently upheld the trial court. More information concerning the case is available at this court website. (LifeVantage Corporation v. MacFarland, No. A141057 in the Court of Appeal, CIV 521137 in the Superior Court).
I asserted in my motion that the LifeVantage defamation suit was without merit, and I advanced that position in good faith. I disagree with the decisions of the Superior Court and Court of Appeal that declined to throw the entire lawsuit out at the outset. Unfortunately, the result of the Court of Appeal decision is that the lawsuit would move forward, potentially all the way to a trial, and I simply could not afford the cost of defending the lawsuit any further. Because of the personal expense that further litigation would have entailed, and for no other reason, I have reached a settlement with LifeVantage. Under the settlement, both parties have agreed to remove certain statements from the internet. Neither party has conceded any issue of fact or law. Unfortunately, the terms of the settlement restrict my ability to comment on matters that may be of interest to you, so thank you for understanding why I may not respond to your inquiries, comments, etc.

So, to borrow a phrase from the late Paul Harvey, here’s ‘The rest of the story’.

You see Brian C Macfarland has a history of going after network marketing companies.  He just doesn’t like them.  He’s written all sorts of nasty things about many companies.  Some of these companies have initiated lawsuits against lazyman.  These companies hoped that the threat of a lawsuit would cause Brian to remove the defamatory posts he had on his sites.  This did not happen and these other companies did not pursue the legal action they threatened.  Thus, Brian felt emboldened and when the Lifevantage lawsuit came, he thought he could just do the same thing, ‘wait it out’.  So, Lifevantage meticulously laid out the case against Brian, how he misrepresented, lied, defamed, and wrote libelous statements about Lifevantage and individuals involved with the company.  Unfortunately for Brian, Lifevantage didn’t roll over and play dead like those other companies had in the past.  Lifevantage was serious about shutting this bozo down.  So, the next ploy Brian tried was to ask to have the case dismissed on the grounds that it was a frivolous lawsuit that had no merit.  Well, the lower court felt that Lifevantage did have a legitimate case against Brian and decreed that the case should proceed to trial.  Lifevantage was ready, willing, and able to proceed with the case in court.  Brian, not so much.  Now, here is where Brian made a mistake.  At this point he CHOSE to appeal the decision of the lower court.  So, the higher court looked at the case.  The higher court upheld the decision of the lower court to have the case proceed to trial.  Having lost the appeal to have the case dismissed, Brian was now responsible to cover the legal costs of Lifevantage.  Up until that point, he was only responsible for his own legal costs.  (I’ve heard that he had a friend who was his attorney doing his work pro bono up until that point.  If so, he really had no skin in the game until the higher court upheld the lower court’s decision.)  It was Brian’s own arrogance that could have cost him literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Lifevantage blessed Brian at this point.  They could have been hard-nosed and made him pay those hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, but instead, they offered a settlement with Brian.  Now, I know no details of the settlement but my suspicion is that Lifevantage probably said that they would not make Brian pay those legal fees if he agreed to take down all of his Lifevantage posts and agree to not post about Lifevantage in the future.  If Brian had just allowed the case to proceed to trial after the lower court refused to dismiss the case, things would have been fine for Brian, provided he had a strong case.  Well, why do you think he tried to have the case dismissed?  It seems obvious to me.  I think Brian realized that Lifevantage had a very strong defamation and libel case against him that he could not win.  So, he tried to dismiss, then on losing that battle, agreed to settle.  So, despite all the complaining Brian does in his ‘crafted statement’, the reality is he lost, Lifevantage won, and justice prevailed.  It is my hope that other companies Brian has defamed will now go after him just as Lifevantage has.  It is also my hope that the individuals who Brian has gone after will now realize they can defeat this bully and bring their own personal lawsuits against him.  Imagine lazyman having to defend multiple lawsuits in multiple states simultaneously.  Seems that would be hard to me.

So, Brian, with all due respect, all of your whining in your ‘crafted statement’ is really just ‘sour grapes’.  I do plan to send you a pound of swiss cheese to go with your whine.  Just let me know to what address you would like it delivered.

Have a wonderful day Brian.  My day is FANTASTIC!

Brian C. Macfarland, aka Lazyman is History!

Well, here is the legal document sealing lazyman’s demise!  Thank you LifeVantage!  We are anxiously awaiting Brian’s “crafted” response.  If you just tell the truth you shouldn’t have to craft anything.  His site was down for a while today but is back up now albeit without any posts about Lifevantage.  Nonetheless he continues to bash other respected companies.  Will he ever learn?  I did notice that many of his rants about other companies also have negative comments about Lifevantage.  Brian, my guess is the courts are going to make you remove those as well.  How long do you think it will be before other companies follow Lifevantage’s lead and pursue legal action against Brian?  Hmmm….  I hope Brian has deep pockets to deal with all the legal fees that he’s going to run up.

Have a wonderful day Brian.  Sleep well.  I know I will!  Awaiting your “crafted” statement! Blog is Officially Down! Justice Prevails! Lifevantage vs.



It is official!  Justice has prevailed!  The lazy moron, Brian C. Macfarland’s blog is going offline.  Recently there was a court document that was made public that Brian had attempted to appeal the decision of the courts to dismiss the lawsuit Lifevantage had filed against him.  Well, the courts ruled in favor of Lifevantage and the case was to proceed in the courts.  Now, it appears that there must have been a settlement and Brian, the lazy moron, is taking everything down from his site related to Lifevantage.  Kudos to Lifevantage for having the wear with all to pursue this purveyor of deceit and bring him to task!  Touche Lifevantage!

Lazymanandmoney, Brian MacFarland is Now Qualified to Interpret Scientific Studies!!!!

I apologize for my nearly two year absence from this blog, but frankly I’ve had much more important things to do in the last two years than pay attention to anything the Lazymoron, Brian Macfarland has to say.  (I would consider taking out the trash to be more important than wasting my time writing a post on this incredible loser.)

Well, I just had to break my silence for this one.  First let me preface this by saying I invited Mr. MacFarland to a debate on the issue of the scientific studies associated with Protandim and Nrf2.  He declined.  I made that offer to him two years ago.  I sent an email to his blog.  He didn’t post my comments but sent me a personal response declining to debate me.  That in itself should tell you something.  He paints himself as an expert on all things scientific and medical because he knows people in those fields.  (That’s like saying that if a middle school class has a visit to the white house that the members of the class are somehow qualified to be President of the United States.)

His biggest “hero” is Dr. Harriet Hall.  Dr. Hall is a retired family practice physician.  In my research of the medical literature, she has NEVER ONCE published a scientific study herself.  She has written countless articles bashing alternative medicine and this is her primary work.  She has been an outspoken critic of alternative medicine, often questioning its effectiveness. These are her words, “If it were shown to be truly effective, it would be part of regular medicine.”  Well, if Dr. Hall has been paying attention the last 10 years or so, she would have seen countless studies on the effectiveness of numerous nutritional supplements and dietary therapies that have been effective in treating and preventing disease.  Two studies I would direct her to specifically are the GISSI Prevention Trial and the Lyon Heart study.  Personally, I feel Dr. Hall is asleep at the wheel.  There is a huge trend in allopathic medicine in which medical doctors have begun to recognize the inherent value of natural therapies combined with standard medical therapies.  This is called Integrative Medicine.  Fellowship programs are sprouting up all across the country in Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine.  (Functional medicine gets to the root cause of medical problems and attempts to treat the root cause not the end result of the disease through a combination of natural and medical therapies.)  Many major medical schools now offer fellowship programs in integrative and functional medicine.  Some of these schools include Mayo, George Washington University, Yale, Duke, University of Arizona, etc.  The list goes on and on.  So, Lazymoron’s hero, Dr. Hall, is living in the dark ages of medicine.  For Brian to hitch his wagon to that pony speaks volumes.  Furthermore, Does Harriet even know what Nrf2 is?  Brian certainly doesn’t.  Do Brian or Harriet know that the first week of 2015 there was the first ever international conference on Nrf2 in England attended by hundreds of Nrf2 researchers?  Do Brian or Harriet know that two researchers presented studies at this conference on Protandim as an Nrf2 activator?

Here is the really interesting thing that Brian posted as a response to someone questioning his credentials to interpret scientific studies.  First, he sited Harriet Hall and her disbelief and hatred for anything natural or alternative.  Then he stated that his majors in college were in computer science and psychology.  While he recognized that perhaps that may not qualify him for interpretation of the medical literature, he did state that he worked for a while as a pharmacy technician and because of that, and the fact that his lawyer went to Yale Law School, that somehow qualifies him to interpret scientific studies.  (This is right along with Dr. Hall’s vast experience having NEVER published one solitary scientific study herself!)  So there you have it.  Brian MacFarland is qualified to be an expert in science and medicine because he was a pharmacy technician, likes Harriet Hall, and his lawyer went to Yale Law school!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will leave you with this.  Cognitive Dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance is when people hold a core belief that is very strong.  When they are presented with evidence that goes against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted.  Accepting this new evidence would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance.  Because it is so important to protect this core belief they rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit with their core belief.  Brian’s cognitive dissonance is from his core beliefs that 1) nutritional supplements don’t work, and 2) his visceral hatred for network marketing.

Brian MacFarland, aka Lazyman, aka Lazymoron, and Harriet Hall both have, in my opinion, extreme cases of cognitive dissonance. Blogger, Brian C. Macfarland, aka Corey Whitlaw, Has a Real Job?

Well, thanks to the post from the author of “Protandim Retort”, we now have the real name of the Lazyman blogger as Brian C. Macfarland.  Doing a little novice detective work, it was quite easy to confirm this from multiple sources and find other information on this bloody low-life, Brian C. Macfarland.  Turns out that Brian had been in Mass. then spent several years in CA, working in Silicone Valley and doing what he does best, sitting in his chair in front of his computer in his Y-fronts spewing lies and hatred from his keyboard for the whole world to see.  But now, Mr. Macfarland has a “respectable job” back in Mass.  He works for a company called uLocate, which runs (a PayPal company).  Brian is employeed there as a “software engineer.” is a mobile app that many of you likely use to locate restaurants and other businesses and services and read reviews about the places of business.  The name of’s CEO is Walter Doyle.  I wonder if Mr. Doyle is aware of what Brian does in his downtime, or perhaps while on the clock at  I wonder if Mr. Doyle thinks that Brian’s blogging activities send a positive message that can feel confident in the integrity of the employees working there.  I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of all of you out there.

Here is Walter Doyle’s Mailing Address for those interested in where Brian works:

77 N Washington St, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: 617.502.3100

Since I now know the university Brian attended and the years he was there, I expect additional information to be forthcoming.  Turns out I have acquaintances who attended that college during the years Brian was there.  Hmmmm, I wonder what university life was like for Brian.  Perhaps we will gain an understanding into the psychopathology that I believe has developed in the mind of Brian.  Perhaps the roots of this psychopathology originated at his college.  We will work on that.

Clearly, it would appear to a reasonable person that Brian may indeed suffer from some psychiatric and/or personality disorder.  Why, you ask?  Well in addition to the blogs in which Brian writes about the evils of network marketing and particular companies, and how he slanders and defames respectable hard working individuals, Brian also has a self help blog;  I find this particularly intriguing.  Initially, I thought perhaps Brian was turning over a new leaf, indeed wanting to better himself and others.  This was until I found that the self help blog posts predated many of his most vile and slanderous comments on his Lazyman and other blogs.  Here is an excerpt from his website:

“Be Better Now a blog that is (quite literally) about improving your life today. Have you said to yourself, “I’m going to lose that weight”, “I’m going to start that business”, or “I’m going to clean the garage”, but then put it off until tomorrow? It’s very cliché, but tomorrow never comes. I have waited for tomorrow my whole life. Even this very website is a string of “tomorrows” covering many months. So I’m laying down the gauntlet and challenging myself to “Be Better Now.” (There’s a 103% chance I’m going to regret this slogan the second my wife reads this.)…

I want to be a better person for my family, my friends, my community, and society in general. However, most of all, I want to be better for me. If I can convince others this is a worthwhile endeavor, inspire them to be better, and guide them to their goals… well, I’m not emotionally capable of finishing that thought. That’s how much it would mean to me…

I’m just an ordinary person like you trying to make positive change in his life and the lives of others (even if that is a bit of a stretch goal). I am not a self-help guru. I don’t have all the answers. I’m not trying to tell someone how to “Be Better Now,” I’m going to explore ways that one could choose to be better. I’m going to make many mistakes along the way, but I will learn from those mistakes. I am not perfect. In the end, all I will have on this website is a lot of words… it’s up to you and me to turn them into actions.”…

Other things you might want to know about me: I was born in the United States where too often I take freedom for granted. My parents raised me well, taught me right from wrong, and helped me get a great education. I have a lovely wife who puts up with more of my crap than I can ever tell. We have a puppy that snuggles with my feet at the end of the bed. I have a dream job of developing web-based businesses. It allows me to work wherever I want to work, when I work, and how much I work. I live in Northern California where the weather is beautiful year round and the business opportunities of Silicon Valley seem unparalleled. In short, I have it pretty good.” —  Brian C. Macfarland aka Corey Whitlaw, aka Lazyman aka The Lazy Moron.  Almost chokes you up doesn’t it – like an oyster caught in your throat!

From the best I can determine, that statement was written in Jan of 2011, while Brian was still living in California – he now live in the Boston area.  Seems as if his foray into “being better” was short lived and he has returned to the dark side.  Indeed, Brian has made many mistakes, but, unfortunately, he has not learned from them.  Brian is a bloody hypocrite!

My recommendation to Brian is to seek professional help, because I believe there are some deep, deep issues going on in that mind.  One can’t write how he wants to better himself and others and then figuratively disembowel individuals on another blog.  I believe Brian is a sick individual in need of intensive psychotherapy.  If he has a personality disorder, though, all bets are off because personality disorders cannot be successfully treated.  His behaviour reminds me of Sybil.  Remember her from the 70’s?

Note:  All information listed in this post is publicly available through the internet.  Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

More to come….,, Visalis, Monavie,, Brian C Macfarland

This website tells it all! But keep watching and for new breaking information on Brian C Macfarland aka Corey Whitlaw.

Lazyman and Money Blogger, Brian C Macfarland’s (aka Corey Whitlaw’s) Amazon Wish List! What Can We Learn From This?

Brian C MacFarland’s Amazon Wish List.  Directly from the site:

Case Logic IPADW-101 Water & Grime Resistant Sleeves for iPad and 10-Inch Tablet (Light Gray)by Case Logic
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?by Seth Godin (Hardcover)
The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do To Get More of Itby Kelly McGonigal (Hardcover)
Maverick GL-05 Gooseneck-Style 4-LED Grill Lightby Maverick
Fulcrum Clip-On Work Light/BBQ Lightby Fulcrum
PetSafe Yard & Park Remote Dog Trainer, PDT00-12470by PetSafe
Belkin Conserve Insight F7C005q Energy-Use Monitorby Belkin
War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Teamby Michael Holley (Hardcover)
Stand and Deliver: How to Become a Masterful Communicator and Public Speakerby Dale Carnegie Training (Paperback)
Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedomby Robert T. Kiyosaki (Paperback)
IOGEAR USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro Adapter (GBU421)by Iogear
Rocketifsh Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit RF-WHTIBby Rocketfish
Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatnessby Jeffrey H. Gitomer (Hardcover)
Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoirby Steven Tyler (Hardcover)
Nesco BJX-5 American Harvest Jumbo Jerky Works Kitby Nesco
Nesco FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydratorby Nesco
Cuisinart CPC-600 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker, Brushed Stainless and Matte Blackby Cuisinart
Early Retirement Extreme: A philosophical and practical guide to financial independenceby Jacob Lund Fisker
The 48 Laws of Powerby Robert Greene (Paperback)
The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Businessby Josh Kaufman (Hardcover)
The Hidden Game of Football: The Next Editionby David Pietrusza (Paperback)
Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Dieby Chip Heath (Hardcover)
Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Betterby Gina Trapani (Paperback)
Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solutionby David Zinczenko (Paperback)
Cook This, Not That!: Kitchen Survival Guideby David Zinczenko (Paperback)
Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Wordsby Joe Vitale (Paperback)
Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earthby Jim Merkel (Paperback)
Polder 365 Replacement Probe for the Digital 3-in-1 Thermometer (601)by Polder
Fiskars 9405 Kangaroo 30-Gallon Gardening Containerby Fiskars
The Mystery of Chimney Rock (Choose Your Own Adventure, #5)by Edward Packard (Paperback)
Mr. Men Collection (v. 2)by Roger Hargreaves (Audio CD)
JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tankby NAO

What can we learn about Brian/Corey from these items on his wish list?  The two books that struck me as the most intriguing are the Robert Kiyosaki book and the book on self control and how to get more of it.  Hmmmm…. I think he’s on to something here.  Why would he be reading a book from one of the key advocates of Network Marketing, Robert Kiyosaki?  To learn more of the ins and outs of the business to bash it more, or because he’s beginning to realize this is a viable business model.  The fact that he is needing a book on self control speaks volumes itself and needs no commentary!!  I welcome others assessments of this potpourri of items on Brian’s wish list.  I could go on and on myself but, let’s hear what the rest of you are thinking.

The next post will contain some very concrete information on Brian/Corey regarding specific aspects of his current position.  Keep watching for it.  Waiting for some confirmation of a few items before I post it.  The post is already written as a draft.  I’m sure you all will love it!  Keep watching for more updates!

Lazyman and Money Blogger, Corey Whitlaw is really Brian C. MacFarland

With permission from Dan of the blog “Protandim Retort”, I give you the real identity of Corey Whitlaw, blogger of Lazyman and money

Protandim Retort

Clearing up the Lies Spread by Lazy Man

without comments

The Lazy Man and Money blog is owned and authored by Brian Macfarland (aka Corey Whitlaw, aka Vogal, aka dostoyevsky_1999).  He is also the owner of a Protandim Scams website and a Juice Scam site, and does whatever it takes to promote his website and agenda: to make money.

Several few years ago, Mr Macfarland found if he ran a negative blog on one of the fastest network marketing companies of the time (Monavie), he could make a lot of money with affiliate based advertising.

Affiliate advertising works like this: If you have a heavily trafficked website, a network (like Google) can place ads on your website.  The higher your website is ranked in search results, the more it is seen.  The more ads seen by visitors, the more clicks those ads receive, and the you make money.  Why?  Because the network (Google) passes some of the ad revenue on those clicks to  the affiliate.  Some of the highest ranked web site owners can make tens of thousands of dollars per year and more.

In this manner Mr Macfarland quickly found if he created controversial content regarding Monavie it would lure in Monavie distributors to keep the debate going on his sites, which increased his website ranking on Google and other search engines.  His sites quickly became the top anti-Monavie presence on the Internet.  Since he could control the content as he saw fit, it was very easy to keep the debate going.  This is something Mr Macfarland is very skilled at, telling just enough truth to not be seen as an immediate fraud, but enough distortions and omissions to draw conflict and attention to his website.

When he saw the rise of LifeVantage in 2010, he decided to do the same thing again.  Today he has successfully attached his blog to the success of LifeVantage and Protandim, and it is now one of the highest ranked affiliate pages on the Internet on the subject, and Mr Macfarland is making more money than ever, all the while creating falsehoods and in some cases lies, often repeated on the Internet, as if “Lazy Man” is some sort of expert on the subject.

Here are some important things to know:

  • Brian Macfarland has no scientific background or degree we know of.  He is not an expert on free radical biology, antioxidants or even network marketing.  He is a software engineer.
  • His website content is controlled by him and it is not audited in any fashion, or “peer reviewed” to coin a term often used by the LifeVantage message.  He can edit anything he wants, or hide anything he wants.  He can become any supporting author or contributor on his sites (i.e. Vogal), and can spin and create whatever “facts” he chooses to weave.
  • He invests financially in promoting his websites.  He has created paid for back links to his site, promoting his scam pages as well as spending hundreds of hours creating, editing and manipulating content.
  • He is opposed to all forms of network marketing (for some reason), and thinks they are scams and should be illegal.
  • He goes to great lengths to hide his identity, agenda, qualifications (or lack there of).
  • He has spent a considerable amount of money fighting lawsuits brought against him.  Ask yourself, how is he funding his defense? It’s very important to him to keep his website going, and his income coming.
If you would like to add any supporting information or comments, please feel free to leave a comment.  Please feel free to link to this website, to help let people know who this guy really is and what his agenda really is.
Some reference links:

(note: I do not own any of the websites linked from this article)

Lazy Moron, Corey Whitlaw and MonaVie

So you may be asking yourself what it is that prompted this computer programmer and linguist by the name of “Corey Whitlaw” to pursue a life of trying to tear down reputable companies like MonaVie and the individuals associated with them?  Mona Vie makes excellent products, some of which I have used, but I have no vested interest in the MonaVie company.  Nonetheless, I do have friends who are MonaVie distributors.  Some have done very well in this company, others have not done as well.  In a network marketing company, whether an individual distributor does well or not isn’t a reflection on the company itself.  The company may have all the right attributes to allow distributors to be successful, but if the distributor isn’t successful in their personal business, it is usually because that person didn’t do things according to the plan in place by the company to insure their success. That said, I do know many individuals who have worked very hard to build a business, seemingly doing all the right things, but despite that they are not successful.  I get that.  Unfortunately, that is the nature of business – any business.  Certainly, there is a bit of luck involved in most businesses, but usually it boils done to good old-fashioned hard work.  Those who consistently do that work and don’t quit will have the greatest likelihood of success.

Enter Corey Whitlaw.  I’m not sure what type of relationship Corey has with his wife, but I’m sure they went through a tough time when his wife enrolled in MonaVie.  I can picture it in my mind’s eye.  I’m sure it went something like this… Corey’s wife went to a MonaVie tasting party ITS – invite, taste, share.  She heard the presentation and thought this sounded like a great product that she wanted to try.  She enrolled as a distributor.  She came home with enthusiasm about this great new product and shared it with her loving husband, Corey.  Corey heard the story and probably said something like, “You stupid, ignorant @#$%&!!!  How could you fall for such a stupid scam?  Don’t you know that it’s an illegal pyramid scheme selling over priced juice!”  (But, I’m sure he said it in a very loving manner.)  So now, with that type of support, Mrs. Whitlaw goes about trying to build a successful network marketing business.  Obviously, out of the blocks, there is a big problem – her unsupportive, closed minded bonehead of a husband, Corey.  I’ve certainly seen this scenario before, but most husbands would be supportive enough to allow their spouse to at least try their hand at a new business.  (Corey was probably pulling in the big bucks though, sitting in his underwear in front of the computer playing video games, so he probably had a good financial position from which to scorn his wife for her new business venture!) 😉  Time passes.  Corey continues to harass his wife, calling her all sorts of expletives, and saying, “See, I told you this was a stupid thing for you to get involved with!”  Her confidence dwindles, she throws in the towel and puts up the white flag.  What do you think the likelihood of her success was in this scenario?  Absolutely zero!  Corey views this as a major victory and justification that he can proceed with reckless abandon to personally try to destroy MonaVie and every other company that sells health related products through the network marketing channel.  You see, really, what I think is going on in this scenario is that Corey likely knew of some people who were indeed successful in network marketing and he, being a slob in his underwear sitting in front of the computer all day, mouse in one hand…, couldn’t stand the fact that anyone could be successful in this industry.  So, it became a personal vendetta to try to destroy every company like this that he could all for the altruistic purpose of trying to keep others from making the same mistake his wife did.  And, he probably thought, “Gee, I can make money doing it too!”

What Corey must realize is that in America – remember this is indeed America and not China – people are allowed to make decisions about their health and business for themselves.  If a person hears a presentation, doesn’t like it, they can say ‘no’ and walk away.  We are adults after all.  Corey is not the keeper of the ‘secret knowledge’ which must be imparted on every person.  I certainly don’t care for a number of occupations, but I don’t go about trying to destroy them.   The two companies which Corey is working hardest to discredit right now are MonaVie and Protandim.  I know individuals involved with each company.  None of the individuals I know are monsters out spreading lies about these companies as Lazymoron would have you believe.  These companies have integrity.  Lazymoron does not.  Remember, his blog is designed to make money.  He himself profits from curious people clicking on his site and visiting the companies that advertise on it.  I find it interesting that many of the ads on his site are for nutritional supplements.  Hmmmm….  Lazymoron is indeed the biggest hypocrite in this whole story.  How is it that a person can bash other nutritional supplements, some of which have published peer reviewed research studies, and sell supplements on his own website that have absolutely no scientific research behind them?  Do you see a conflict of interest there?  I surely do.

So, what are the Top Ten conclusions can we draw about Lazymoron, Corey Whitlaw?

10.  He has no scientific background or degrees.  (Anyone who believes the Lazymoron to be a credible expert on anything scientific is indeed misguided.)

9.  He doesn’t like network marketing, he thinks it’s an illegal pyramid scheme.

8.  He doesn’t like people being more successful than he is.  (Clearly some inadequacy issues going on.)

7.  He’s the biggest hypocrite I know selling untested supplements on his website while bashing tested supplements.

6.  He doesn’t know how to read and interpret scientific studies but tries to act as if he does.  (Smart people can see right through his facade.)

5.  He either can’t or won’t get a real job and contribute to society in a productive way.

4.  He won’t allow his wife to be successful.  (Clearly some deeper psychological issues here.)

3.  He thinks everyone is dumber than he is and he must educate them, while the converse is true.

2.  His blog is the National Enquirer of websites.  Anyone who reads it and believes what he says is truly a lazier moron than the Lazymoron himself.

1.  In the end, he’s just plain Lazy!

Corey hard at work!